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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Habit - Amazing New Shopping Website

Have y'all seen Amazon's new shopping website, My Habit?  You must check it out!  You can find great designer clothing at discount prices, all the while knowing you are shopping "safely" online because it is a part of the Amazon family...  How great is that?!  You need to sign up in order to use My Habit (providing email is necessary), but if you already have an Amazon account, you can just use that to log in.

My favorite aspect of the website is that instead of a regualr/boring sell-shot, My Habit has the unique feature of showing short video clips of the model posing and turning in the garment, so you get an idea of how the fabric moves and falls.  It is pretty amazing, as I have never seen that before.  You can click the link here to see what I'm talking about.  It should play automatically.

My Habit recently lauched a "Home" section, where they sell everything from stylish pillows to cast iron skillits and crystal glasses.  I think I might need a little e-commerce retail therapy!

Chloé Women's Skirt with Kick Pleats (Taupe)

{Jiti Fork Pillow} {Belle Maison Ceramic Pedestal Vase} {Chloe} {Marc by Marc Jacobs}

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